Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I'm headed to Haines for awhile, a week or so. The weather is terrible this time of year or I would fly, so it's just me, the subaru, and the Ipod. You can follow my journey on my SPOT page via the link on the right sidebar.
Hope all is well,

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holding on to my garden veggies

Amanda posted on roasting root vegetable HERE , and her's came out looking so tasty I thought i should give it a go. Last week I used olive oil, oregano and a bit of salt and pepper. This time I used more of the same and a bit of thyme. I chunk up a yam and 2 bell peppers , 1 red,1 green from the store. Next I chop red and yukon golds from the garden, along with 4 large onions from the garden. My favorite part are the carrots. These carrots have been a long running narrative this fall as they seem to just keep going and going. I pulled the last ones right before our first snow and they were doing great! SO, I ended up with a load of carrots that all taste amazing roasted!!! Like the yams, they take on a really sweet earthy flavor. So, i throw the veggies in a ziploc and in goes the oil and herbs, mix around, and roast in their little foil pouch. With 10 minutes left I will usually remove the top foil and allow the veggies to see a little direct heat for a bit, this sort of sears them and helps to slightly carmalize the onions. Tasty tasty tasty



Friday, November 20, 2009

MRI podcast and info

This podcast is part of an NPR blog/podcast that I follow called Planet Money. This podcast is super interesting as it follows MRI prices around the world. This seemed relevant as the health care debate rages on. MRI's are expensive in Alaska, but what is early detection worth? My local Internal Medicine Doctor, Dr. Mcdonagh seems to favor less imaging/xrays as studies in the UK have shown that up to .6% of cancers are caused by medical x-rays. I tend to favor his line of thought, letting blood work and the age old method of poking and prodding reveal a diagnosis. Check out the podcast HERE

Sunday, November 15, 2009

No Snow

Looking south, homeward bound across the inlet
Gregg making his way east across the inlet

Big strip on the McArthur. Had to land for a trip to the out house, couldn't stay long due to a brisk, cold wind.

Rolling tires on the upper Kustatan bench


Our lack of snow has made for an interesting late tire flying season. Gregg and I headed west today in the bitter cold and found some great views and nice solid landing conditions. We landed on a little strip near the McArthur and Gregg rolled his tires on a spot higher up on the Kustatan bench that may be a likely spot next summer. Clear and cold lately, still waiting for some big snow!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Winter Grouse

This grouse and the rest of her family have been hanging around in the front yard for a couple months now. It's rare that they will stay in one place like this for so long. It has been fun to watch them feed lately; they will sit in the trees and eat spruce needles, and in the evening they will hop down to the driveway, pick gravel for a bit, then head back up to roost. This one was puffed up in a tree next to the driveway this morning.