Monday, July 30, 2012

Last year my friend Bob began construction on his timber frame house in Seldovia.  The whole process is intriguing and beautifully simple.  The house should be completed this summer for the most part.   I included a few images of Seldovia, such a wonderful town.

Montague Island

Summer is busy as usual and I have obviously been neglecting the blog.  Today I will post some pictures of a spring trip to Montague island.  Montague is east of Soldotna and is known for some pretty rowdy weather.  We had a great spring, so I took advantage of the clear horizons to explore a bit.  I took one trip really early in the spring, and a second trip with Dusty later.  Montague is known for its excellent deer hunting and we saw plenty of them while over there.  Unfortunately much of the refuse lost overboard in the ocean ends up on the islands shoreline.  This trip was littered with sports knick knacks from a container lost off a ship down the coast in Canada.  We also found a bunch of energy drinks unopened, they were tasty after a long walk on the beach.