Sunday, February 28, 2010

Eva Continued

The trip up to the base of Eva's summit pyramid is a long skin through a massive valley with prime chutes on either side. Zack describes the ascent as if walking through a winter playground. He was eagerly photographing lines for a our next trip as we ascended up the valley toward the summit. The higher we went, the better the snow became, and we started to feel better about putting forth the effort to get up this high.

More later

Friday, February 26, 2010

Almost Spring

Sometimes I feel guilty saying it, but one of the best things about my job is that I get a week off every other week. Zack,(who gets two weeks off every other two weeks) and I made our way up Mt. Eva near Seward today under a clear sky and a warm sun. Here are a few pictures from the day, I'll post more tomorrow. It was the best trip of the year by far.


Monday, February 15, 2010

A few from Thursday and Friday

I up tracked Tincan by myself on Thursday and hooked up with another group and did a few laps with them. The day started with terrible visibility, but by early afternoon it had cleared a bit and conditions were great. I took a few pictures of the group descending the front apron of Tincan, we were able to lay first tracks that day (The edited picture)! The pictures of Jordan are of him removing clumping snow from the bottom of his skins. With the warm temperatures lately, the snow has been a bit fickle, sticking to skins and crampons. My trip up skyline yesterday was a clumpfest.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


On Thursday and Friday the snowfall wasn't measured in inches but in feet. The pass got hammered on Thursday night and Friday, and Friday night. I was able to get out on both days, breaking trail to the top with Jordan on Friday. More pictures to follow.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Great Mid-season Weather

Here are a few scenery shots from skiing Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I met up with Zack on Sunday and we made 3 laps on Tincan, it was good to catch up. Hope you enjoy them, this week was such a great week for riding; the weather, snow and friends were all top notch.

Stiff Neck and the Anatomy of the Tomahawk.

I spent most of the week skiing on Tincan with amazing weather. Today I reserved an entire post to diagram a sweet crash I had the pleasure of experiencing on Thursday. The Tomahawk is a maneuver during witch the body flies through the air in a tomahawk like fashion due to an abrupt deceleration. The pictures speak for themselves. More from this weekend later tonight.