Thursday, July 30, 2009


There has been a huge amount of rain lately and the result has been flooded rivers on both sides of the inlet. The Kenai has been abnormally high due to a broken ice dam up river and the Kustatan has been high also due to heavy rain fall. The strip at Mikes cabin flooded out a couple days ago and looks like it's going to be that way for awhile, holding us out of silver fishing. I included a few pics of the cabin and strip flooding, one of a cool double rainbow headed back toward Soldotna airport, and one of the mouth of the Kenai.

Summer Skyline

Katie and Cassie, friends of a good friend from college have been traveling through Alaska this summer and caught up with me last week off. We did a bunch of stuff including a float on the river with Wally, flying across the inlet and a great trip up skyline with Barb and Jordan. They were great house guests and did a massive amount of weeding in the garden!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Behind Mt. Spur

I spent the weekend over at the cabin with Mike. During the first part of our stay we flew back behind Mt. Spur and he took me to a strip he had spent some time at last year. This area of Alaska is hard to explain. When you start at the cabin on the Kustatan everything is lush and green, the farther you head back into the mountains, the more rocky and severe things get. Low lying swamps and muskeg give way to glacial moraine high alpine brush. The recent warm weather has created roaring glacial streams and flooded lowlands. The photo of the river is the chakachatna river exiting to the south of Mt. Spur and the last photo is of a fox visitor at the cabin today. Hope all is well,

Friday, July 10, 2009

Alaska or Florida?

Another amazing day on the McArthur river today. Every time I get in my airplane I fall in love with aviation all over again, and every time I step out onto a place I wouldn't be able touch without it I realize how lucky I am. Hope all is well, enjoy the photo's

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Food

Here are some photo's of my radishes, the whole garden is doing great! Grilled vegetables and King salmon for dinner tonight! Flew across the inlet today and fertilized the onions as it looked as if they might need a little help. What they really need is some consistent watering... Met a really cool guy on the McArthur today, He is an airline pilot who was laid off and is pursuing a career as an Alaska bush pilot. In order to fly for lodges and small businesses up here they like to see "Alaska Time" on your logbooks. He is spending the summer building time flying his Taylor craft around the state. His wife who is also a commercial pilot will be up next summer doing the same thing. I forgot my memory card or else i would have some photo's of him. Hope all is well,

Back in action!

Denver was great, it was super good to see all the friends again and the wedding was beautiful. It is however good to be back in the AK and today I had the opportunity to head out flying with Gregg and Amanda, accompanied by Django and Guiness, (spellings?) We loaded up and headed southwest to the Tuxedni Bay area. For exact locations check my SPOT page on the sidebar. After that I cruised up to the cabin and watered the veggies and mowed the lawn. Amazing weather lately with 70 degree temps! More liver updates to come with some cool MRI shots!