Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cecil Rhodes Mt.

Monday I needed to get out in the mountains after running on the pavement Sunday. Cecil Rhodes is a great mountain just south of the highway as you pass through Cooper Landing and it offers great views of the surrounding area, especially with the sun we have been enjoying! The access is a bit tricky, but Bob Summer was nice enough to give away the route a few years back. I came across a family of Goats, and threw in a picture of the repeater station and radio towers on the back ridge. They used to leave the doors open on the buildings, one has a microwave and phone in it, but they have since locked them. ohh well....

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shadow Mountain

Last week I did the annual fall hike up Shadow mountain. The trail start is hidden and only a few know of it. Wasps attacked a couple of separate times, making speed a necessity. What great fall weather!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Crescent Lake

It was super windy on the flats today so I struck out for the mountains to see if I could duck the wind. Luckily I guessed right and found respite from the wind up Quartz Creek on Crescent Lake Trail. I ran up to the big bridge and grabbed a few photo's. It was perfect fall day up there, crisp, but no wind at all and amazing fall colors. I love Alaska Autumn's, but I wish they would last a bit longer.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Alyeska Climbathon

On Sunday Justin, Jessica and I gave the climbathon a go, we were all first timers and only had a slight hint of what it might be like from friends who have done it. The event isn't very old, maybe 5 years or so and usually doesnt draw the huge crowds that the other mountain running circuit races draw. The Climbathon involves climbing the north face of mt. Alyeska to the top of the tram, riding the tram down, and doing it all over again as many times as you can from 9am to 7pm. It is a lot more fun when you are done with it. Justin and I had set rough goals of 8 laps a piece, figuring it would take us about 50 minutes a lap untill we got super tired. I ended up finishing with 7, Jessica 7 and Justin killed it with 9. At 2k feet a lap that 14k, 14k and 18k in a day. The weather was perfect and the company was even better!
The winners set new records of 12 laps. They are animals...
ADN story HERE