Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Peter's Cub

I couldn't resist and had to post more pictures of Peter's Cub. This cub is really unique and Peter has a knack for details. Most planes he rebuilds he sells, but he claims to be keeping this one. I hope to have a scaled down version of this in the future, within ten years. This airplane has a full glass panel, slotted wings, 200Hp+, fully powdercoated frame, etc. etc. it's way nice.

hope all is well,


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Redoubt and Others

Peter Thompson

North Ridge Route

Southern Face

We are in the planing stages of a Mt. Redoubt climb this may so Erik was kind enough to tag along and shoot some photos of the mountain yesterday. The last three days have been beautiful and great for taking route photos on the mountain. We crossed the inlet at 9K feet and hung out at that elevation as we made a loop around the mountain. I have included a photo of the proposed route on the north ridge of the mountain, this ridge looks like it offers the best route. I'll also include some photo's i took of Peter Thompson's new cub. 200K Plus worth of airplane. 3 bladed composite prop Hartzel, constant speed big dog, Also see Erik's Blog for some amazing photos he took on an evening flight we took 2 days ago.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Flashing lights

Long exposures and light painting.

These two photos were set up using Erik's flash bulb and a long exposure setting, about 30 seconds.
Erik came over and we messed around with the new camera, his is essentially the twin of mine minus a few superlatives. He taught me a few things about ISO, Aperture and exposure length settings that will take me awhile to digest, but we had a great time nontheless. I can tell this is going to be addictive and expensive, similiar to flying....... this isnt good.
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Friday, October 24, 2008

08 summer climbing

The Summit Crater of Mt. Rainier (TJ,Jordan,Me)
Traversing the knife ridge to the base of Mt. Russell in the background

Looking down camp from about 12500ft on Rainier

Tahoma Peak next to Rainier

Bouldering ice moves on the way to Mt. Russell

These are photos from a couple of our climbs this summer. We had success on Mt. Russell in May and on Mt. Rainier in June. We climbed with Alaska Mountaineering School on Mt. Russell and TJ, Jordan and I went it alone on Rainier. We had fairly good weather for both climbs, although we had to spend a bunch of time in the tent to wait for that good weather. On Russell we had to Bivy out the night of our summit day because we got caught in weather and darkness on the way down, but our summit day on Rainier was perfect. I am working on getting some better photo's together from the new camera, hopefully i'll have some decent ones soon.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Winter is close

More snow today, woke up to about 3 inches on the deck, people are sliding off the road everywhere. Here are a few photos of plants hanging on till the bitter end. The snow sort of caught me with my carharts down, so i'm waiting for a melt to put the plastic on the raised beds, almost everything else is done thankfully,



This DeHavilland Beaver is parked in the open ended hangars at Soldotna airport. This airplane is one of my favorites (aside from my own) along with the DeHavilland Otter, and the Piper Super Cub which i will take some photos of later. This Beaver is super clean and well maintained. I shot these photos with the new camera and included a portrait using the remote. More winter photos tomorrow.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gregg Motonaga Flying Photographs - The last of the fall

Upper McArthur Tributary
Taking off of the Spur strip to the south
Gregg and his Cub, east of Mt. Spur

Portland didn't dissapoint, and the Weezer show was sweet. Angels and Airwaves opened for them, and Weezer played about a 2.5 hour set inluding Pink Floyd and Nirvana covers, and Tom Delonge, formerly of Blink 182 fame sang lead on the sweater song. Anyway..... Today I stopped by the plane to make sure it was still there and found a CD full of photographs Gregg had taken of another great trip this fall. This set of photo's were all shot by Gregg on our September 26th trip across the inlet. This group is probably the last to capture our amazing fall colors and great stretch of pre-snow weather. All the locations in these photos are now under at least about a foot of snow as reported by mike and his trip across 3 days ago....


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Portland and Weezer

Tomorrow i'm on a flight to Portland to catch a Weezer concert on thursday night. I'm meeting a friend down there and can't wait to see Portland after hearing so much about it. I saw Weezer with good friends in college and their live show was amazing so i'm sure they won't disappoint. The new camera came in so be prepared for a bunch of experimental pictures, hopefully they will improve over time. Some cool features that you can expect to benefit from include 720P video, amazing photo quality and optional GPS locations for each photo. Alaska Massey( aka Erik), A good friend, is helping me learn the ropes on this new camera. Hope all is well and I will post again this weekend,